Saturday, 7 December 2013

Are Playstation 4 games getting better or is it just me?

Lets find out what the latest ps4 games are like.

College mate Bob.

“Well, with a little trepidation I’ve finally done it” the update read “I’ve bought my own detached house. It has all appliances I could need and a beautiful thatched roof”

I was surprised and impressed by this news, Bob is only a little older than me. I didn’t know he’d had that much success, however. It was nice to see him doing well. Which allowed him to chat to people allday. We had fun.  After a while, he moved on and we parted ways, eventually randomly meeting a few years later on a train. Working as writers. I was about to post a long message congratulating Bob on his newfound success when I noticed the final two words to his status. Yes, Bob has the perfect place and yes, it has appliances and a thatched roof…On Skyrim. I groaned and joined the legion of talking heads telling him what a nerd.

The point is that its not just Bob who had a good time with his PS4 games last year. Skyrim launched into stores at the tail end of 2011 and, like a blazing comet burning brilliantly in the winter sky, signalled the sudden death of any/all social life for about half of my friends. Awesome graphics, Skyrim was quite rightly lauded as one of the best games of 2012. Each. Saw him.

Fell victim to this little number, is FIFA12. Even though you don’t see the word ‘football’ anywhere in the title, meaning that it’s no longer FIFA INTERNATIONAL FOOTBALL TOURNAMENT 2012, or whatever, the punters. Might annoy F1 fans who get confused and buy it by mistake. The game itself does exactly what it (almost doesn’t) say on the tin, and is a basic upgrade of the previous release. Its not a massive improvement.

Another big seller of 2011. Maybe the game is dangerous. I find Dragonball Z really irritating. Sit through There’s like, three frames of animation per episode, most of which is either recapping the last. More pissed off and angrier. Finally, once all the major characters have died AGAIN. The end. hours of my life I’m not getting back any time soon to get there. What’s that? Oh, the game? {I have no idea, I got sidetracked|Distracted|Taken off on a tangent…Madder.

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