Friday, 20 September 2013

Connect on Skype with other members of the family using your Smart TV

Once the exclusive domain of Star Trek, video calls are now a very genuine part of modern life. Rewind back to that ‘Friends’ episode when Monica was courting guest star Jon Favreau’s character ‘Pete the millionaire’ and also you’ll remember the one where Monica and co had sneaked into Pete’s house, only to get interrupted by a surprise video call. So unprepared for the millionaire’s-only technology were the friends, that Pete needed to point out they all “sucked at hiding” as he discovered them one by one. Nowadays, if you have a computer, or a portable device, you can make a video phone call. It’s that easy.

In reality, Skype (the program most often used to make such phone calls) is free, remarkably easy to install and saves you a large amount of money on the phone bill. It will even make International calls, just like that! (I just clicked my fingers, but you can’t see it).

Whilst at Uni, I recall being woken up early almost each morning by the Taiwanese girl in the living room next to me as she received phone calls from her Mum and proceeded to have her sound system on full blast at the same time as they conversed in Mandarin (once my knowledge of fundamental Mandarin improved, though, they kept it down for concern that I’d snoop). I in fact spoke to a different friend of mine who was staying in America and was in a position to ‘meet’ her boyfriend’s family (oddly, where my use of Mandarin Chinese language would once again come in useful) without having to get dressed and go to the airport.

I even once had employment interview over Skype. That is the amount everyone is using video calls as of late.

Well, as you can no doubt surmise, Skype (and other video call apps) are now downloadable via your Smart TV. This means you and your friends or family can meet round and converse with other family and friends who could be as far as half a world away. It is the perfect strategy to keep in touch, conduct business and engage in long conversations without continuously fretting about your telephone bill.

Skype is a type of Innovation, much like the cell phone (and shortly maybe the Smart TV) that it’s hard to recollect a period without — and I am only 26. I do not think I even got Skype until approximately 2008 or so.

Downloading Skype to your big screen Television will allow you to talk to the friends whilst sat about the couch, it will be just like they are visiting you apart from you don’t have to make then tea and so they will not scoff all of the Hob Nobs.

Of all of the obtainable apps available on Smart TV, this is probably probably the most universal in its charm and, I think, one of the most welcome. Over the course of this succession, we have seen the Smart TV be a device where what you want to watch is always on, a gaming system so that you’re by no means bored, a computer, a network that connects you to your friends and family and now it could even take place of a home telephone.

Skype is a quick, fun and interactive way to keep in touch with people and, when connected with your Smart TV, does not even involve getting up to visit the next room. We can’t say fairer than that. Additionally, you are able to always telephone your mates and tell them that they’re in the telly. You’ll receive kick from it, even if they do not quite get what you’re on about and why you laugh when they ask ‘what channel?’

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