Saturday, 3 August 2013

Get a Motorola 2-pin earpiece for the best price

We spend a lot of time writing about Motorola 2 way radios, so we have decided to do a succession that focuses on the earpieces that relate to them.

Not only do a quantity of decent companies manufacture top-of-the-range two way radios that are both affordable and reliable, there are additionally a huge array of 2 way radio earpieces that range from low priced and cheerful (but nonetheless effective) to the last word in techno badassery (Editor’s Note: not really a word).

So, kicking off our new 5-part sequence celebrating 2 way radio earpieces, is the Motorola 2-pin earpiece.

Amazon lists this earpiece at a paltry £17.50, but the Motorola 2-pin earpiece is surprisingly high spec for such a low priced device.

Firstly, it is wholly versatile, as it fits into any motorola 2 pin radio. It may not be the best earpiece ever built, but it will match with any number of diverse Motorola two way radios. However, I must say that the Motorola 2-pin earpiece does need an adaptor block to operate with Motorola GP320 and Motorola GP340 series 2 way radios (oh well, you cannot have everything!)

Secondly, the noise quality is exceptional; there will be no misunderstandings or botched comms when the Motorola gp300 earpiece is in use, that’s for sure. For such a cheap device, it in fact reproduces sounds amazingly clearly.

Thirdly, here are the features. These features are a bit thin on the ground when evaluated with a few of the costlier Motorola earpieces, but they continue to increase the user experience and add to the complete product.

Want illustrations? Well, the Motorola gp300 earpiece is ergonomically made to fit your ear channel comfortably and is easily capable to fit in either the left or the right ear (whichever you happen to favour).

It also has an in-built ‘push to talk’ switch, so you are not dependent on your two way radio’s controls in order to transmit an outgoing message. It too has a sprung metallic lapel clip that attaches the GP300 earpiece to what you happen to be wearing, allowing you to be discreet, as well as to avoid tangling yourself up in wires.

In general, the GP300 is a fine two way radio earpiece. A range of businesses have built better ones and I wouldn’t put forward this one if President Obama asks your company to defend him on his next family skiing holiday, but for most intents and tasks, the Motorola gp300 earpiece gets the job complete.

In our next episode, we’ll be taking a look at the GP340 earpiece, but for more information on the full range of GP300 earpieces visit

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